• Education Opportunities

    If our communities are going to thrive over the next few decades, we need an education system that prepares our children for a 21st Century economy. Mary will be a champion for public education and will ensure that District 107 neighborhood schools have the resources they need to succeed.

  • Economic Development

    As South Florida’s economy continues to boom, it’s critical that working families in District 107 share in that prosperity. That requires a forward-thinking approach to policy making, an approach which empowers local small businesses and encourages more entrepreneurs to do business in our communities. Mary will be an unwavering advocate in Tallahassee for these policies that stimulate our local economy and create good paying jobs.

  • Affordable Housing

    With rising real estate prices, many hard working families are finding themselves priced out of their own neighborhood. These families deserve more options. That’s why Mary is a supporter of policies that promote increased affordable housing opportunities for residents living below the poverty line.

  • Public Safety

    Rising crime isn’t a problem limited to a single municipality. It impacts our entire community. Mary is committed to fighting crime and will be a steadfast supporter of law enforcement in the Legislature, providing our police officers the resources they need to get the job done.

  • Transportation

    Affordable transportation options make a big difference for many residents. Mary will work hard in Tallahassee to advocate for transportation policies that benefit community, including the addition of an All Aboard Florida station within the District.

  • Supporting Our Seniors

    Mary is committed to protecting our seniors, especially those on fixed incomes who are the most at risk. Mary supports increasing the general revenue funding to serve high-risk frail seniors currently waitlisted for home care programs, like Community Care for the Elderly, Alzheimer’s Respite Care and Home Care for the Elderly Programs.

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